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Quick Hits

Word of the year: Collins picks ‘AI.’

No. 1 in AI: ChatGPT out-earns others.

Claude cashes in: Anthropic gets $2B.

50/50: AI chief foresees AGI in 5 years.

Out of touch: Mac kills the touch-bar.

Retro gaming: Atari buys Digital Eclipse.

Game on: Comcast boosts sports startups.

Green seed: Conservancy backs founders.

Teaching style: Canva unveils class tools.

Design heavyweight: Pentagram turns 50.

Search Google introduces .ing.

Ad-free: Meta starts European paid plans.

Cities close in on carbon neutrality

Lahti, Finland aims to become carbon neutral in the next 5 years through initiatives like biking infrastructure, public transit, cutting coal, and waste-to-energy. The city tracks over 100 sustainability actions to reach its ambitious goal years ahead of other cities like Denver, Colo., Austin, Texas, and Miami aiming to get carbon neutral.

‘Forever companies’ visualize climate success

Sweep helps companies become “forever companies” by using data to visualize carbon emissions, a key step for businesses adapting to the low-carbon economy.

Can DNA predict your health?

Genetic testing companies like Nucleus promise “precision medicine” insights from DNA, but benefits remain uncertain as regulators and ethicists warn commercial rush could enable discrimination.

DeepMind’s AlphaFold sharpens drug discovery

DeepMind’s latest AlphaFold AI model can predict protein structures more accurately, advancing drug discovery by modeling how proteins interact with other molecules.

AI gets lesson in African history digitizes Nigerian history by archiving newspapers since independence in 1960. The searchable database strengthens AI and reporting by providing crucial African context previously unavailable online.

Weekly Pulse

Study: AI will augment, not replace, professionals

A global study by Thomson Reuters found professionals are optimistic about AI enhancing efficiency and empowering human skills—though concerns persist about potential inaccuracy. While AI is expected to transform workflows, professionals believe human oversight is critical for quality output. The research indicates AI will likely augment, not replace, professionals’ expertise.

Recently Funded

  • St. Louis, Missouri-based Playbite Raises $1M to Bring Arcade to Mobile
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin-based Midwest Games Takes in $3M With Green Bay Packers, Microsoft VC
  • Singapore-based Anboto Labs Raises $3M to Launch Crypto Trading Platform
  • Pittsburgh-based Abridge Secures $30M for AI-Powered Healthcare Documentation
  • Inlyte Energy Raises $8M Seed for Salt-Based Batteries
  • Louisiana-based FlyGuys Nets $10M Series A for Data Capture

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