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pabii research

Dear all,

The Pabii Research is in beta test stage from Feb 1, 2024, for global service. As a news and research arm of GIAI, we have tried to combine all Korean journals since Nov 2023 (Financial Economy, Venture Economy, Policy Korea, and PDSI) and English journals since Jan 2024 (GIAI R&D, GIAI Research, and IP Markets). Thanks large to neural translator, we now have only a few small steps left to provide officially integrated service within a few months.

Neural translator backed global service

As such, previous services led by Pabii, GIAI’s Korean arm, will be renewed in accordance with the neural translator backed globalization. For example, an entry paid membership tier with KRW3,300/week will be integrated to US99/year, and will be applied to all global users equally. Although we do respect each subsidiary service’s independence, the key for this transformation is integrity of the GIAI’s missions and goals, which are to provide in-depth data scientific analysis of current global events in financial investments, venture capitals, rising e-commerce, interconnected regional policies, webtoon & webnovel based Korean IP penetration to global markets via Netflix and Disney+, dynamics of politics, as well as topics in AI/Data Science itself.

The translator button is available at the bottom center of the website.


Top 1%’s community for analytics minds

The evolution of this joint platform is not limited to today’s preliminary blueprint. As we see and analyze user behaviors on daily basis, the path to our goal is subject to be re-set, re-aligned, or even re-designed as building a community for top 1% of global analytic minds is our ultimate mission.

As a first step of this ambitious community, we will be opening SNS-based membership for commenting. Once you are on the basic membership (US99/year) through SNS login, you are free to speak out your own opinion in your own language. The adoption of neural translator sits on our deep trust in science that plays a pivotal role to lower language barrier and support exchange of diverse perspectives from every corner of the world.

The identical neural translator function is applied to two other services managed by GIAI, which are OTTranking.com, an entertainment news journal for Korean OTT, and SIAI.org, an Artificial Intelligence focused online higher educational institution in Switzerland.

More in-depth adoption of AI/Data Science will be announced in coming months.

All the best,

Keith Lee

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